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Ancient Bridges

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Scurrypool Bridge NJ042535

This bridge spans the trail and the Altyre Burn about 4 miles (7 kilometres) south of Forres. The bridge is a category B listed building and was constructed in the mid nineteenth century and is built of rubble with tooled dressings. The bridge features a high single span arch with narrow single flood arches and was extended in 1863 with bowed buttress.

Edinkillie Railway Viaduct (Divie Viaduct) NJ022465

Picture of the Divie viaduct

The Edinkillie Railway Viaduct
crosses the River Divie

The Edinkillie Railway Viaduct (Divie Viaduct) is situated some 11 miles (17 km) south of Forres and 4 miles (7.5 km) north of Dava. The viaduct is B Listed, was built in 1863 and is a high 7 arched structure built of bull faced rubble and tooled ashlar dressings. Tall piers support the rubble-arched rings. Castellated turrets flank the approaches to the viaduct. It should be noted that the Divie Viaduct is incorporated into the logo chosen by the DWA. The viaduct is an impressive local landmark within the area.

Bantrach Bridge NJ027461

Picture of Bantrach Bridge

Bantrach Bridge over the River Divie

This category C (S) listed bridge over the River Divie is about ¼ mile (400m) east of the trail. At the southern end of the viaduct the old railway is crossed by a forest track. Follow this track eastwards down the slope to join the minor road, which is followed to the bridge. The bridge was constructed in 1790 and is a single span; slightly hump backed bridge with segmental arch and rubble parapets.

Overbridge by Home Farm NJ036307

Picture of overbridge by Home Farm

Overbridge by Home Farm

The bridge is located 2 miles (3 km) north of Grantown-on-Spey and crosses the railway line close to Home Farm. Leaving Grantown the Dava Way leaves the railway line to the left after crossing the A939 at East Lodge. To view this B listed structure, which is a granite built three-arched structure with decorative parapet, you need to continue along the line. Be warned, the track under the bridge is very wet.