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Ancient Monuments near Forres

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There are numerous ancient monuments close to the northern end of the route of the Dava Way. Here is a selection.

Sueno’s Stone NJ046585 in Forres

Picture of Sueno's stone

Sueno’s stone in Forres

This is the tallest remaining sculptured stone made in Scotland during the medieval period. It is one of the most magnificent pieces of Early Historic sculpture in Britain, standing 7 m high, and dating to the ninth century AD. The west side bears a huge ring-headed cross carved in relief and containing long panels of interlace. On the sides of the stone small animals can be seen in the curling vine scroll. The east side is an immense battle scene shown in 4 panels. For more detailed photographs of Sueno's stone visit the Ancient Scotland website. The stone is now protected with a steel and glass cover and is situated at the eastern edge of Forres. Sueno was an eleventh century King of Denmark. The stone is clearly visible from the A96 Forres by-pass road.

Picture of the Altyre Cross

The Altyre Cross

Altyre Cross slab NJ039553

The sculptured stone at Altyre is situated 8 kilometres south of Forres. The stone stands in a field surrounded by the woodland of the Altyre Estate. It is is located one kilometre south of the disused railway line. The pillar dates from at least the ninth century and is approximately 3 metres in height, with the cross on the front of the stone has been partially preserved and part of a carved cross can be seen on the rear of the stone. The Ogham inscription on the left side of the stone is over a metre long although it’s meaning is unknown.

Picture of Brodie Castle

Brodie Castle near Forres

Brodie Castle NJ979578

Brodie Castle is located some 7 kilometres west of Forres. Built in 1576, Brodie Castle was continuously occupied by the Brodie family until 2003. The Castle has been in the hands of the National Trust for Scotland since 1980. It contains one of the finest collections of paintings in Scotland. For opening hours and other information visit the National Trust for Scotland website.

Dunphail Castle NJ007481

The site of the Castle is located approximately 10 miles south of Forres. It sits on top of a steep conical hill near to the river Divie. It is believed to have been built by the Red Cummins of Dunphail in the 12th Century.

Dallas Dhu Distillery NJ035566

Picture of the Altyre Cross

Dallas Dhu Historic Distillery

The Dallas Dhu distillery complex is located on the southern outskirts of Forres and immediately adjacent to the Dava Way (on its west side). The distillery complex constructed in 1899, now disused, is Category A listed. It comprises an office block and buildings associated with whisky production including mash house, still house and malt barn. The distillery also has a pagoda style apex vent over the kiln, a characteristic distillery feature. The distillery complex also includes a range of 5 bonded mainly, single storey warehouses and two pairs of 2-storey distillery workers cottages.

The distillery ceased functioning in 1983 and is now under the guardianship of Historic Scotland who maintains it as a museum, although the capacity to produce whisky at the distillery has been retained. The distillery is a significant attraction in the area and lies alongside the railway line. There is an access ramp from the trail leading directly to the site picnic area. For more information about Dallas Dhu distillery visit the Historic Scotland website