graphic: Dava Way Trail from Forres to Grantown

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Ghost Train Walk 2021

graphic: advert for 2021 Ghost Train Walk

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 Dava Way Ghost Train Walk will take place on the weekend of 19th and 20th June. This event is a midsummer overnight walk from Grantown-on-Spey to Forres and takes place every two years. For more information please go to our events page

Dava Way Badge

graphic: Dava Way Badge

For all those who have completed the Dava Way route between Grantown-on-Spey and Forres, a Dava Way cloth badge is available to purchase from the Dava Way Association (DWA). The badge diameter is 88mm (3.5 inches) and costs £5 to purchase directly from the DWA. e-mail our secretary for payment and carriage details. Deliveries in the Forres area can be made without a postage charge.

Dava Way Companion

graphic: Dava Way Companion front cover

The Companion is part of the Dava Way Story Board project initiated by Bill and Lorraine Budge in conjunction with the Dava Way Association with further support from Moray LEADER. The project's aim is to record and preserve some of the history, folklore and traditions associated with Edinkillie parish, Dava Moor and the Braes of Castle Grant area as well as to provide pointers to some of the natural history features of the area which might well be missed by the passing traveller. ‘The Dava Way Companion’ is a 72 page account of a journey from Forres to Grantown which brings all of these threads together. It includes maps at a scale of 1:80,000 by Helen Stirling which show the 18 waypoints at which a new series of interpretation boards have been placed. There are photographic illustrations throughout, some in colour, supplemented by drawings by local book illustrator Katie Pamment.

How to get a copy

'The Dava Way Companion' is on sale in bookshops in Forres and Grantown at a price of £5 or can be purchased direct from the publisher for £6. A cheque made payable to ‘Dava Way Association’ should be sent to Norman Thomson, 12 Adam Drive, Forres IV36 2JN.

Flood water damage repaired

photo: Washout repair


photo: Washout of path near Scurrypool bridge


Another major setback for the path

Extreme rain on Monday August 11th 2014 caused another washout of the track about 4 miles south of Forres. This was repaired at the end of September at an estimated cost of around £4000 plus a week of hard labour by our volunteer stalwarts. To try and prevent repetition two 1.2m diameter pipes have been laid under the path.

photo: flood pipes fitted under path

Path Improvements

photo: Jess the collie, Half Way Hut, Dragoon

Look out for Jess the collie,
the Half Way hut and
the dragoon statue.

In recent years there have been numerous challenges to maintaining and improving the route. We see a steady increase in the number of walkers and cyclist using the route and this in itself stresses many sections, especially those with sub standard drainage. The weather has also presented numerous challenges in recent years with heavier than average winter snows and wet summers.

Weather permitting, working parties are arranged around once a month. We try and strike a balance between improvement and maintenance.

Improvement: Signage and information has been improved along the route with new finger posts at key locations and numerous lecturns highlighting local history and folklore along the route. These were part of a project funded by the Budge Trust. The Budge project also funded renovation of the railways workers hut, now referred to as the 'Half Way Hut' between Dava and Dunphail. Do look inside. Users of the path will also notice two wooden carvings. 'Jess' the sheepdog is at Bogeney whilst the striking Dragoon statue recalling the battle of Cromdale is on the southern edge of Dava Moor.

In March 2014 contractors completed a major upgrade to the path north and south of Dunphail. During the 2013/2014 winter season Dava Way volunteers have repaired drains and filled in potholes between Dava and Bantrack. Major drainage and surface work has also been carried out near Dava supported by Paths for All.

Maintenance: There are fewer work parties during the summer months and of necessity the focus changes to routine vegetation control and ditch cleaning. With 24 miles of track to care for this is a never ending task. We enjoy this work! New volunteers are always welcome, email our volunteer co-ordinator.

Dava Way app

graphic: Map with waypoints
graphic: Naturegraphic: Naturegraphic: Nature

Screenshot examples of a waypoint menu,
history and nature information

Stop Press

We understand that this app does not work properly with some recent mobile devices. We believe this depends on the version of the operating system running on the deivce. A solution is being looked for to this problem. Meanwhile please accept our apologies

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices. This app links with the 18 waypoints along the route and for each location provides interesting background information about the history and nature associated with the various locations. The app provides a convenient alternative to the Dava Way Companion highlighted below.

How to get a copy

Download for copy now from your iphone or Android store - just put Dava Way into the search bar. This is best done from your home Wi-Fi. The app is 28MB.

Dava Way Meetings

The Dava Way Association converted to a Scottish Charities Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) on April 9th 2014. Trustee meetings are usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. The Annual Members' Meeting is usualy held on the first Tuesday in November. Any member of the public is always invited to our Annual Meeting. Similarly, members of the public can attend trustee meetings, but preferably by arrangement as there is very limited space.

Trustee meetings

The next trustee meeting will be in December 10th 2019 at The Hub, 20 Tolbooth Street, Forres starting at 7:00 pm

  • Meeting minutes are not published until approved by the trustees, thus published minutes normally run 2 months behind meetings. The latest minutes are available here.
  •  Download minutes
Annual Member Meetings

The 7th Annual Member Meeting is scheduled to be held in the Forres Lawn Tennis Clubhouse, Albert Street, Forres on Tuesday, November 3th 2020 starting 7.30pm.
All members and Friends of the Dava Way are invited to attend, though only Members may vote at the meeting (However, Friends can join at the meeting and become members). Refreshments will be provided and it would help provisioning for the event if those planning to come would let the secretary know at

Minutes of past meetings

All our meeting minutes are public and past minutes can be accessed through the Dava Way Office page.