Ghost Train Walk 2023 Report

The Ghost Train was a very successful fundraising event for the Dava Way. Even after covering the substantial costs of running the event, the Association was able to bank over £5000. While we did make some profit on each ticket sold, we have to thank the fundraisers for their efforts: in particular, one individual raised almost £600 while the Mosset Pub in Forres raised £1300 thanks to the generosity of its customers.

That money will enable us to improve a stretch of the Dava Way through the Peathillock Cutting where we have had ongoing issues with water and mud on the track ever since we first opened the Dava Way. The work is beyond the capacity of our volunteers with their picks and shovels: it will need a contractor with a digger to restore the drainage system.

To those who joined the 175 others on the night, we hope you enjoyed the event and may consider raising funds for us at our next Ghost Walk which will be held over the weekend 21/22 June 2025. Put the date in your diaries.

Below are some photos that Andy Williams took on the night: