The work party for 13th January 2024 consisted of 12 volunteers and carried out 65 hours of work. It was very successful with all of the planned work being satisfactorily completed as follows:

  • A couple of windblown trees were removed north and south of the Clashdu road crossing.
  • encroaching trees, broom and gorse were cut back between Clashdhu and the Bantrach crossing (About 5 miles of the path).

Additional unplanned Work:

  • No additional work was carried out

Other points to note:

  • No injuries or near misses were reported.
  • There was water running down the east side of the path just south of the the Longley crossing due to a drainage ditch blockage/failure.
  • There are several trees leaning over the path on the Belnain Wood section, north of Aucheorn, that pose a potential danger to path users.
  • The concrete drainage channels on the Belnain Wood section are clogging up with twigs and leaves.
  • The blade of a pair of loppers sheared off during bush cutback work.