April 2024 Work Party

The work party for 13th April 2024 consisted of 8 volunteers and carried out 38 hours of work. It was very successful with all of the planned work at the Heatherbells Cutting being progressed as follows:

  • Moss and reeds removed from the main ditch onto the moor from where the the old drainage pipe outflows at the NE end of the cutting.
  • Drainage ditch improvements elsewhere in the cutting and at the north end to improve water flow off the path.
  • 1.9 tonnes of quarry material was laid to raise the path level through the flooded sections.

Additional unplanned Work:

  • No additionall work was carried out

Other points to note:

  • No injuries or near misses were reported.
  • Further drainage and surface works required in the Heatherbells cutting to dry it out.