March 2024 Work Party

The work party for 9th March 2024 consisted of 12 volunteers and carried out 72 hours of work. It was very successful with all of the planned work being satisfactorily completed as follows at the Woodside Muddy Puddles and the Grantown end:

  • 2 culverts installed on the Woodside Muddy Puddles section (Woodland South of Rafford Embankment).
  • Drainage ditch improvements to stop water run off crossing the path.
  • 1.8 tonnes of quarry material was laid and compacted to raise the path level through the flooded section previously drained in February.
  • Undergrowth and tree cut back between Dunphail and Grantown-on-Spey, prior to nesting season starting..

Additional unplanned Work:

  • Dava Way gate padlocks checked for ease of operation and lubricated as required.

Other points to note:

  • No injuries or near misses were reported.
  • Drainage and surface works required on flooded sections of the path at Cairn Eney, Dava North, Heatherbells and Huntly’s Cave Cuttings.