June 2023 Work Party

The work party for 10th June 2023 consisted of 10 volunteers and carried out 66 hours of work on the southern and mid sections of the Dava Way in preparation for the Ghost Train Walk on Saturday 24th June. It was very successful with most of the planned work being satisfactorily completed or progressed as follows:

  • Long grass cut either side of the path centreline, using the rough cutter and ride-on mower, from Lynmacregor to the Dragoon’s crossing.
  • The stockpile of quarry dust at Dava was moved to maximise available space for the Ghost Train Walk check point and refreshments stop.
  • Gorse and broom bushes cut back north and south of the Half Way Hut to improve the path width.
  • Oak trees were planted on the Muir of Logie section in memory of Hugh Kidd who was a regular Dava Way volunteer.

Additional unplanned Work:

  • None to report

Other points to note:

  • No injuries or near misses were reported
  • The Lochenoun gate padlock was checked following padlock service and lubrication by the estate, prompted by it failure to open last month.
  • Further gorse and broom bush removal required north of the Half Way Hut.
  • Drainage work required at the East end of the Fox Hill cutting to stop water from the north side seeping onto the path.