September 2022 Work Party

The work party, consisting of 8 volunteers, was very successful and all the planned work was satisfactorily completed as follows:

  • A 60m strip, approximately 1m wide, of mud, organic material and roots was removed from the section between Huntley’s Cave cutting to the Glaschoil north gate.
  • Said strip was then infilled with 4 tonnes of sub-base from the Clashdhu stockpile and compacted with the petrol driven compactor (Wacker plate).
  • The sub-base was then blinded over with 2 tonnes of quarry dust from the Dava stockpile and compacted with the wacker plate.
  • A separate 2 person work party team cut the long grass in the halfway hut area with the ride on lawn mower and cut back encroaching path undergrowth as far as possible.

Additional unplanned work:

  • Fallen boulder that was partially blocking the Huntley’s cave cutting was levered to the side of the path using pinch bars.

Other points of note:

  • No injuries or near misses were reported
  • The Dava Way padlock 001 at the Dragoons crossing access gate is seized. Fortunately, we also had the Seafield master key, so we were still able to open the gate.
  • It was noted that the Dava Way padlock has not yet been fitted onto the Bantrach crossing South Gate.
  • There are encroaching tree branches and leaning trees on the Huntley’s cave to Dragoons crossing that need trimming back, or felled.
  • Several self closing gates need to be adjusted and lubricated to ensure correct operation.
  • All Dava Way padlocks need to be check and lubricated to ensure they are serviceable  and fit for purpose.