October 2023 Work Party

The work party for 14th Octobert 2023 consisted of 8 volunteers and carried out 47.5 hours of work at the northern end of the Foxhill cutting, one mile north of Dava. It was very successful with all of the planned work being satisfactorily progressed:

  • 30m of new path surface was laid and compacted (3.7 tonnes of quarry material used).
  • 130m of the east side concrete drainage channel was cleared of vegetation, mud and stone. Approximately 4 tonnes of spoil was removed from the cutting during this work.

Additional unplanned Work:

  • There was no additional work carried out

Other points to note:

  • No injuries or near misses were reported
  • A further 170m of drainage channel work needs to be carried out
  • A further 60m of trackbed is ready for a new surface to be laid.